Schools building in Tehran are ruined

A member of the Iranian regime’s parliament admitted that “50% of school buildings in the metropolis of Tehran are worn-out “. This is while the government of Hassan Rouhani has reduced the development share of education in the 2018 budget.

Farideh Olad Ghobad in an interview with the parliament’s news agency, Khaneh Mellat, on Sunday, January 21, said: considering that 50 percent of the schools in this city were worn out, this issue would have “financial and life threatening” consequences.

Previously, following the devastating earthquake in the province of Kermanshah in November 2017 in which at least 80 schools were completely destroyed, Mohammad Bat’haei, Iranian regime’s minister of education, announced that one-third of the schools in Iran are not safe.

He considered the credits that were attributed each year in the budget bill for school rehabilitation as inadequate.

Earlier, Dariush Varnasari, director general of the modernization of schools in Tehran province, told the state-run Tasnim news agency (affiliated to the terrorist Quds force) on December 10, 2017: “There are over a thousand educational facilities in the province of Tehran that do not provide students with the necessary safety.”

Referring to the “900 billion Toman in need of destruction and rebuilding the worn-out schools in Tehran,” he added: “About 400 billion Toman are needed to rehabilitate schools and make them resistive, which in total require 1,300 billion Toman in credit for the worn-out schools in the capital city.”

This government official noted that the worst worn-out schools in Tehran were on the southern border of the city, Shahr-e ray, central regions, and areas 7, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 19.

According to the state-run Mehr news agency, the director general of education of the city of Tehran has said on December 3rd that the financial estimate for the reconstruction and renovation of each school was about two to three billion Toman.

The official said earlier that “Tehran’s worn-out schools could also be easily destroyed by storm”.

Source » ncr-iran

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