The Iranian regime’s Chief Justice called the shootdown of the Ukrainian airliner that led to the death of 176 people, “an incident”.

Ebrahim Raisi said that the “enemy was taking advantage of the incident to portray Iran as an unsafe country” during his trip to the central city of Yazd yesterday.

“The enemy is saying that the country of the Islamic Republic is unsafe. This is while the Islamic Republic of Iran is the safest place,” he added in a speech addressing “entrepreneurs and producers in Yazd”.

The regime’s Chief Justice downplayed the downing of the passenger plane and said that “these kinds of issues happen all over the world” adding that they had intelligence on other shootdowns.

Raisi’s remarks have angered Iranians on social media.

“Ebrahim Raisi said that the country is in its safest and most secure period: The cancellation of flights out of Iran, the isolation of Iran in the span of just two months and being on the verge of becoming another North Korea, all thanks to the rule of the turbans,” one Twitter user wrote in a sarcastic prose.

“Ebrahim Raisi said that Iran is the safest place in the world. He’s right. For example, the MP of Kerman has put a bounty on Trump’s head, the Supreme Leader’s Representative in Mashhad has called for the UK Ambassador to be chopped into pieces. If these aren’t indications of security, I don’t know what is,” Ali, a Twitter user wrote mocking regime officials.

“When impudence knows no bounds and deceit becomes the foundations of a country, these kinds of comments from its leaders is completely natural,” twitted Alireza.

Babak Safari cited the “accidental” plane shootdown and compared Iran’s leaders to ISIS. “This is what happens when you give a toy to a number of ISIS children”, he wrote, adding that the regime killed 176 people in the shootdown and another 1,500 during nationwide protests in November.

“The number of people who were killed is nothing compared to the numbers that Raisi has killed. It’s like comparing a drop to the ocean. It doesn’t even grab their attention,” Majid wrote citing Raisi’s part in the massacre of thousands of political prisoner in 1988.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is the safest place. Yes, it is. For murderers, thieves, embezzlers and charlatans,” Blacksheep tweeted.

For three days, the Iranian regime denied the January 8 shootdown of the Ukrainian airliner. It was only after US officials said they had satellite evidence of missiles being shot at the plane that the IRGC admitted to “mistakenly” downing the plane.

The shootdown and late admittance by the regime caused a national uproar. Students and Iranians took to the streets in nationwide protests directly targeting their anger at the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

“Commander in Chief, resign, resign”, they chanted.

But the Commander in Chief has not even apologized to the distraught families of the plane shootdown victims or the people of Iran who were intentionally misled for three days.

Source » irannewswire