Human rights sources have reported that detained Iranian protesters are under severe torture in the notorious Fashafuyeh Prison in Tehran by IRGC intelligence agents.

The detainees have been subjected to various kinds of abuse, including scalding with boiling hot water, severe beatings and medical neglect.

Torturers reportedly focused their beatings on the testicles of the inmates, causing excruciating pain and long-term health problems for them.

Prison authorities have denied medical care to the tortured prisoners. Many of the detainees are held incommunicado, denied access to their families and lawyers.

There were previous reports of Iranian protesters under torture in Fashafuyeh, with reports of rape, sexual violence and the intentional breaking of bones by IRGC intelligence agents.

In other shocking reports, minors who were arrested during the nationwide protests in western Iran were sexually abused. Kurdistan Human Rights Network in late December reported that a large number of minors were detained on November 16 and 17 in Marivan, Iranian Kurdistan Province.

They were transferred to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Intelligence Detention Center located in an IRGC base in Sepah Square. The minors were subjected to severe torture along with hundreds of other detainees for several days.

In a December 2019 statement, Amnesty International confirmed that the detainees were subjected to enforced disappearance and torture.

According to Iranian officials, around 7,000 protesters were detained after taking to the streets in November 2019 to protest the tripling of gasoline prices. The arrests are still ongoing.

Following mass protests, Supreme Leader Khamenei on November 17 called protesters “thugs” in a televised speech. During the next few days, the regime mobilized all its forces against protesters, opening fire on gatherings of more than 10 people in some parts of Iran. More than 1,500 protesters were killed and at least 4,000 were injured, some with life threatening wounds.

Source » iran-hrm