Kan’ani made the remarks after the EU ministers agreed on a new package of sanctions against Iran on Monday. Later on Monday, the UK government also imposed new sanctions against Iran for alleged human rights issues.

Condemning the new set of illegal sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran, the senior Iranian diplomat called the EU and the UK’s action a sign of their mental inability to properly understand the realities of Iran, as well as their confusion regarding the authority of the country.

He went on to say that the EU and UK’s bans on several Iranian MPs and judicial and military officials show their desperation and anger over their recent failure in creating insecurity in Iran.

Of course, they are well-informed that sanctions will not affect the determination of the Iranian nation to deal with foreign interference and conspiracies, Kan’ani added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves its right to reciprocate against such failed policies and will soon announce the list of new sanctions against human rights violators and promoters of terrorism in the European Union and the UK, he stressed.

Source » mehrnews