Iranian demonstrators held rallies in front of the Steel Pension Fund in multiple cities amid deteriorating economic conditions in the country of over 83 million people.

The London-based Iranian news organization Kayhan Life reported on the demonstrations unfolding in major cities such as Tehran, Isfahan and Rasht. The website posted videos of the protestors in the various cities under the headline: “Oppression is enough, steam & smoke has replaced food on our table.”

The retirees are seeking payments for their work service.

Labor unrest continues to affect the Islamic Republic of Iran. Video footage on Twitter showed employees from the Mian-ab Sugar Cane in Shush on strike for the eighth day. Health care employees staged a rally outside of the nation’s parliament, Majlis, to protest lousy working conditions.

The US government news organization Radio Farda reported two weeks ago that hundreds of Iranian judiciary employees gathered in front of the parliament in Tehran and protested over the lack of wage increases.

According to Radio Farda “many in the rare demonstration on January 9 expressed anger at Parliamentary Speaker Mohmmad Baqer Ghalibaf, chanting ‘liar, liar’ and ‘Ghalibaf, disgrace.’ French wire service AFP reported demonstrators chanting, “If our problem is not resolved, we will shut down the justice system!”.

The UK-based news organization Iran International wrote about the judicial employees’ demonstrations: “Quite ironically, the protesters are chanting slogans asking for justice.”

Iran International reported judicial workers “have started to resign from their jobs en masse, with photos of their collective resignation letters circulating in Twitter.”

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