Protests across Iran by different social classes

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Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries

Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries

Employees the Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex in Bandar-e Khomeini, southwest Iran, went on strike on Tuesday to protest non-payment of wages and the inadequate responses to their demands.

The United States issued sanctions against the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC), and its 39 sub-companies in June 2019, regarding its connection to the Iranian regime’s terrorist Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

The U.S. Treasury noted that Iran’s oil ministry awarded the economic and engineering arm of the IRGC, ten oil and petrochemical projects worth $22 billion, which is four times the IRGC’s official budget. That’s how the regime funds its terrorism in plain sight.

Further protests linked to the IRGC took place in Tehran on Tuesday, where a group of people who invested in the IRGC’s Caspian Credit Firm held a rally outside the company’s administrative office to protest the plundering of their assets.

Caspian is just one of the several credit institutions that declared a deficit in 2017, effectively wiping away billions of dollars’ worth of investor money. The money had been deposited around three years earlier after the companies, linked with regime officials and with permits from the regime’s ministries, promised fast returns.

Instead, the money was stolen. There was no doubt that the regime and its officials were involved, especially because Caspian was approved by Iran’s Central Bank. The IRGC squandered the investments on warmongering abroad and domestic suppression.

Since its collapse, customers have been regularly protesting in front of branches of the companies as well as government institutions and the Central Bank, sometimes garnering promises from officials, but never actually getting their money back.

There was yet another protest on Tuesday, this time in Eslamabad Gharb, western Iran. Railway workers were protesting not being paid for five months and the regime’s efforts to halt their construction project in its entirety. They staged their gathering outside the office of the local representative of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the governor’s building.

While locals in the impoverished town of Kaki in Bushehr Province, southern Iran, held a protest outside the city council over the water and fuel shortage crisis that is disrupting their lives. Kaki water network has no water for 12 hours each day and the CNG station in this town is out of order.

Source » ncr-iran

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