Iranian President made the remarks in a meeting with the Syrian Minister of Defence Ali Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday.

Dubbing Tehran-Damascus ties as strategic, Raeisi stated that the relations between Iran and Syria are based on common beliefs, as well as the resistive spirit of the people of the two countries.

The Iranian president also appreciated the Syrian armed forces for protecting the Syrian nation against sedition.

Ali Mahmoud Abbas, for his part, admired Iran’s support to Syria in the fight against terrorism.

“The axis of Resistance will play an important role in forming the new world,” he added.

Stating that the enemies have always been seeking an opportunity to ruin the deep and brotherly relations between Syria and Iran, the Syrian defense minister added that the relations between the two countries are really deep-rooted and strong to an extent that no one could harm them.

Tehran-Damascus ties will expand day by day, he continued.

Source » mehrnews