Cyberspace is a blow to our lives – Iran regime’s mullah

The speaker of Iran regime’s Assembly of Experts, Ahmad Janati, announced Khamenei’s “a few hours” meeting with a number of cyberspace “experts”, adding that “a move is to be made” after the meeting.

Janati also added that “Cyberspace is a blow to our lives. If they took away (blocked) the cyberspace, we wouldn’t have so many problems. I have said that we cannot totally block the cyberspace but we can slow it down.”

According to the state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force, on Thursday January 25, Janati announced this issue in the joint meeting of the Assembly of Experts’ Presidium with the internal commissions.

He did not mention the content of the meeting, but added that “they are supposed to do make a move. But it’s important to know what to do and who should do it.”

Without mentioning the details, he added that “we must dismiss the people who are incapacitated and hire the mighty ones. So there should be changes in this organization.”

Jannati added in his statement that “they could control it earlier and prevent it from going so fast… We cannot stop it at all, it’s impossible, but we can reduce it.”

The Head of the Assembly of Experts quoted some people but did not name them and said: “They say that it is already too little late and we did not stop them in the recent events and disturbances arose.”

Source » ncr-iran

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