In a bizarre attempt to convince the world that its navy is important, Iran continues to claim that its navy is involved in a “circumnavigation” of the globe. Iran’s Fars News claimed this week that the Iranian navy was in “America’s backyard” and that it will “travel around the world for the first time.”

It’s not entirely clear why Iran wants its relatively small navy to travel around the world. Its navy isn’t historically important and there is no reason that its small fleet of ships needs to be able to operate or project power so far from home.
The Iranian threat at sea

Insofar as Iran wants to threaten others at sea, it already does this with its long-range drones. Its navy can project power into the Indian Ocean and even as far as the Mediterranean, but it has no real role in the region. This is because other navies, such as the US fleets, would be able to destroy the Iranian navy in a matter of hours or days if there was ever a real conflict.
Nevertheless, Iran has spoken about wanting to be able to engage in amphibious operations and Iran wants its naval ships to join with Russia and China in joint drills. The Iranian naval “circumnavigation” of the globe, first announced in October 2022, is, therefore, all about showing off. It’s about showing that Iran can sail to waters near the US, or to Russia and China. It’s not about actually being able to accomplish much along the way.

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