Majed Faraj, head of the Palestinian General Intelligence Service (GIS), has slammed Hamas for dragging Palestinians into conflict and crises with Arab states to please Iranian agendas.

“Hamas is pulling us to a far place,” said Faraj in a rare media statement.

“Our memory is still alive. And Palestine is not just geography, Palestine is the people. People here and hundreds of millions abroad. I am not ready as a Palestinian to grow animosity with Arab countries,” added Faraj.

“I am against any Iranian influence in the Arab region, the Arab region is for the Arabs and will only be for the Arabs,” he asserted, adding that Palestinians support both Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Faraj stressed that his statements weren’t political and reflected a national security position.

He praised Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Jordan, and Bahrain for always backing Palestinians.

“I cheer for Arabs only. And none of us is ready to upset Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, or all of these countries.”

Faraj stressed that Palestine is with resolving any Arab-Arab dispute diplomatically and away from conspiracies.

“We do not accept the Arab capitals to be controlled by non-Arab countries, and I mean Iran openly,” he affirmed.

“This is an Arab land and will remain Arab,” he underlined, adding that his statements stem from an appreciation of countries that have historically stood with Palestinians and an appreciation of the looming dangers as well.

“We are with the unity of the Arabs and the position of the Arabs, and we are not a tool for any party,” added Faraj.

Faraj’s speech against Iran and Hamas came after controversial positions were made in the Hamas-ruled Gaza. Hamas officials and other Iranian-backed factions showed support for Iran and its arms in the region against Arab countries.

Source » aawsat