Reporters Without Borders has expressed concern for the lives of three jailed political activists in Iran who have been transferred to detention centers known to mistreat prisoners.

In a statement on Monday, the rights group – also known by their French abbreviation RSF – denounced the transfer of Alieh Motallebzadeh, Narges Mohammadi and Keyvan Samimi Behbahani, describing it as an attempt to break the resistance of these prisoners of conscience.

RSF deputy director Antoine Bernard condemned the move and said it is meant to deprive them of care, as was the case of Baktash Abtin, who died of Covid-19 complications after he was denied timely treatment earlier in January.

Samimi Behbahani was transferred from Evin late last week to Gohar Dasht Prison in Karaj, also known as Rajai Shahr, where mostly murderers and common criminals are held. The 73-year-old has said he will stage a hunger strike, if he is not moved back to Evin, where Iran keeps most of its political prisoners.

Motallebzadeh and Mohammadi were moved from Evin to Qarchak women’s prison, also known as Shahr-e Rey prison, where health and sanitary conditions are very poor with an ill-equipped infirmary and no proper sewer.

Earlier in the week, Mohammadi was sentenced to eight yearsin jail and 70 lashes in a five-minute trial.

Persecution of human rights and political activists and execution have increased since hardliner president Ebrahim Raisi took office last August.

Source » iranintl