The father of a slain protester who was recently released on bail after one month of prison was accused of “corruption on earth”, a serious accusation if proved in an Iranian court.

His son, 27 year old Pouya Bakhtiari, was shot and killed by security forces on November 16, 2019 during nationwide protests in Karaj near Tehran.

Manouchehr Bakhtiari was also accused of “taking measures to overthrow the Islamic Republic” and “disturbing public opinion”, according to his family.

Pouya’s family had called for Iranians to gather on the 40th day of the death of their son, which fell on December 26, and spoke about the death of their son to independent media outside of Iran.

Despite severe security measures by the regime, large crowds gathered to commemorate fallen protesters at Karaj’s Beheshte Sakineh Cemetery and chanted against the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

Pouya’s family including his parents, sister, uncles and even his 11 year old cousin were arrested two days prior to the mourning ceremony.

According to Pouya Bakhtiari’s cousin, neighbors who came out of their homes to protest when a large number of security forces stormed the Bakhtiari family home on December 24, were also beaten and temporarily detained.

The cousin said that the family was currently under severe pressure and that their cellphones had been confiscated by security forces. They have been banned from contacting the media. Reports indicate that the regime has even sealed their home shut to prevent activists from visiting them.

Pouya Bakhtiari became the face of November’s nationwide protests because his parents refused to stay silent and shared his story with the world.

Iranian regime officials recently confirmed that they shot and killed 1,500 citizens during Iran’s November protests over gasoline prices.

According to a Reuters report, at least 400 women and 17 teenagers were among those killed after security forces opened direct fire on protesters on orders of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who told top officials to “do whatever it takes to stop” protesters.

The last round of nationwide protests erupted early this month when regime officials admitted after three days that they had launched the missiles that brought down a Ukrainian airliner on January 8, killing 176 people.

Source » irannewswire