Iran mullah admits to widespread corruption in the judiciary

Mullah Sadegh Larijani, the head of the clerical regime’s judiciary, in a meeting with the “Heads of prosecution offices and prosecutors of provincial capitals” on January 25, while praising the killing and suppression of the Protesters, acknowledged the widespread corruption in the mullahs’ judiciary and the public anger and hatred toward this apparatus, and tried to whitewash it.

Larijani, who called the protesters “troublemakers” and “in contact with foreigners,” praised the perpetrators of the crackdown in the “judiciary, law enforcement, and security apparatus”, and called them to “confront” the “team leaders who are in contact with foreigners in cyberspace” and demanded the creation of “specialized cybercrime divisions” to crack down on Internet users.

This corrupt and criminal mullah, whose scandals in terms of his bank accounts and his family and his brothers’ land grabs have become well known in the world, said enemies targeted the authority of this branch with a “widespread wave of attacks on the judiciary”. “Sometimes, with extremism and claims of systematic corruption, they try to destroy the trust of the people. Daily rumours, astronomical lies, are all to destroy public confidence. We must try to keep this confidence.”

However, the extent of corruption in the judiciary is such that Larijani inevitably confessed that “while we are struggling throughout the year, it’s still repeated. I thought that if we disbanded five judges, the rest would be alarmed, but it hasn’t happened so.” He also confessed to “temporary arrests” and unnecessary “violations” of the rights of the people and unwarranted extortions in the name of bail.

Courageous people and young people in the uprising of January, along with the slogans of death to Khamenei and death to Rouhani, chanted slogans such as “Larijani as a judge, co-plays with the thieves! We have no rule nor any judge, all courts are thieves! Death of Larijani” repeatedly and categorically expressed their resolve to overthrow religious tyranny ruling Iran and all the elements of oppression, including its judiciary. Larijani’s demagogy to quell the fire of the uprising no longer has any effect. The heroic uprising of the brave youth is a battle till victory and their right demand to bury the totality of the regime of Velayat-e faqih with all its gangs and factions and all the oppressive apparatus of the judiciary will be achieved.

Source » ncr-iran

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