The reason for this was, in particular, a social media post by the adviser to the head of the Office of the President Mykhailo Podolyak, which he wrote after reports of an attack on Iranian military facilities that Israel is suspected of carrying out.

“The logic of war is relentless and murderous,” Podolyak wrote.

“It holds culprits and accomplices strictly to account. (Thus there is) panic in the Russian Federation — endless mobilization, air defense systems in Moscow, 1,000 km of trenches, the preparation of bomb shelters. Explosions at night in Iran – at the production sites of drones and missiles, (and at) oil refineries.”

This reaction of Podolyak’s infuriated Iran, which supplies the Russian Federation with kamikaze drones for attacks on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, prompting it to summon Ukraine’s charge d’affaires in Tehran to the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

In particular, it is known about a drone attack on a factory in the city of Isfahan, which is engaged in the production of ammunition.

The Shahed Aviation Industries research center, which developed the drones used by Russia to attack Ukraine, is also located nearby. however, according to available information, it was not hit in the attack.

Source » yahoo