Iran has announced it will reinstitute a buy-out scheme for the country’s compulsory military service, but only affluent people can afford the fees mentioned.

According to parliament’s budget review committee spokesman on Saturday, the scheme has received preliminary approval and if it is adopted, Iranian men can buy out their military service as of the next Iranian year starting March 21.

The new plan only includes the absentees who are over 35 years old or at least eight years have passed from their conscription due date, the prices differing based on the levels of education, with those with higher education having to pay higher fees.

The new rates start at 2.5 billion rials (nearly $10,000 at today’s rates) and goes up to 6 billion rials, which are about 11 to 24 times more than the last time the government allowed such exemptions. Average salaries in Iran are about $200 a month.

The option to buy out of the draft was removed from regulations about three years ago because even then only wealthy families could afford it for their sons through paying absence fines.

According to Iran’s constitution, all men over 18 years old must serve in the military for about two years otherwise they cannot apply for a passport to leave the country.

Earlier in the month, a member of the budget committee said that all expats who haven’t served their compulsory conscription can pay €15,000 ($17,000) to buy their freedom.

Source » iranintl