Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, met with a large group of producers and those active in the economy. The meeting took place in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah on January 30, 2024.

During the meeting, Imam Khamenei referred to the fully effective capacity and capability of the private sector to achieve macro-economic goals. He emphasized the importance of government support in terms of tackling obstacles in the business environment, and highlighted the responsibility of the private sector as crucial factors for improving the overall situation and driving substantial progress in the country.

After hearing the words of 12 individuals who were active in the manufacturing field, the Leader called for the government’s serious follow-up to fulfill the demands raised by the manufacturers.

He also pointed to the Domestic Production Capabilities exhibition that he visited a day earlier, describing it as a “captivating” and “exceptional.” “We can introduce this exhibition as an illustration of the country’s scientific and technological prowess,” he said.

While referring to limiting issues such as sanctions, Imam Khamenei noted that, “The effort and progress of the private sector, despite such obstacles, makes one hopeful that this sector is able to propel Iran towards the desired growth outlined in the seventh five-year plan, i.e., an 8 percent [economic] growth.”

He also considered “innovation” to be a clear reality seen in yesterday’s exhibition and today’s meeting. “Innovation is an indication of an elite workforce, and having such a valuable workforce will serve as a reliable backing in solving major issues, traversing difficult paths, and propelling Iran to achieve excellence.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the sense of responsibility of both the government and those active in the economic sector as necessary in order to effectively utilize the potential of the nation’s capital. “The responsibility of the government is generally aimed at removing obstacles and improving the business environment,” he said.

Imam Khamenei stated that the government’s supervision of the private sector is essential and should not be disregarded, emphasizing “what we negate is government interference, otherwise we believe that government monitoring necessary.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution acknowledged that the support provided by governments worldwide plays a pivotal role in the success of prominent corporations and businesses.

“A crucial way for governments to assist the private sector is by facilitating the growth of exports and foreign markets. In light of this, there is a need to strengthen economic diplomacy through collaborative efforts between the government and the private sector,” he expressed.

Speaking about the presence of foreign problems such as sanctions and hostilities of ill-wishers, he remarked that, “While these situations are undoubtedly detrimental and pose problems for the country, they can also be used as opportunities, in the same way that our youth took advantage of these circumstances, leading to the acquisition of military weapons and remarkable scientific accomplishments such as advancements in the field of space and the successful launch of satellites like the Soraya satellite. If it were not for the sanctions, we would not have attained these achievements today.”

In summing up his speech, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated, “If the private sector is effectively managed and adequately supported, Iran’s significant progress will become a tangible reality due to its great potential, abundant natural wealth, elite workforce and the good relationship that exists between the government and the people.”

Source » abna24