“We have set up six new business centers, as well as two export terminals, which will resolve many challenges, and we had six commercial attaches in destination markets, to which four have been added,” Fatemi-Amin told the national TV.

Mentioning his ministry’s programs for promoting exports and foreign trade, Fatemi-Amin said the exports of engineering and technical services have reached $1.8 billion from the previous year’s $700 million.

According to the official, the return of export revenues into the country has increased by eight percent and 650 cases of barter trade have also been conducted with other countries.

He finally underlined the positive impact of the Industry Ministry’s supportive measures on the country’s non-oil trade, saying that the value of the country’s non-oil exports has currently exceeded $40 billion and the figure is expected to reach $45 billion by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20).

The government’s economic coordination headquarters recently approved some resolutions for the elimination of some serious export barriers which have been effective in the country’s positive trend of exports, Fatemi-Amin said.

Source » tehran times