Citing multiple US intelligence sources, CNN reported that the Iranian leadership was “surprised” by the recent deadly attack against US forces in Jordan.

According to the report, Iran is now concerned about actions carried out by its proxies in the region. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, responsible for the attack Sunday which killed three US troops and left 47 wounded, has since said they are halting actions as Tehran grows ever more nervous about rising tensions.

CNN further added that Tehran is particularly anxious about Yemeni Houthis’ attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea as they potentially endanger the economic interests of Iran’s allies China and India.

“There is no sense that Tehran’s growing wariness is likely to change its broader strategy of supporting proxy attacks on US and Western targets – although it could signal adjustments around the margins,” CNN quoted US officials as warning.

Following the attack Sunday, US President Joe Biden has been under increasing pressure to retaliate against Iran which, through its proxies, has launched more than 160 attacks on the US since October, in the wake of the Gaza war. The US has been targeted for its support of Israel’s right to defend itself in the wake of October 7’s Iran-backed Hamas invasion.

On Wednesday, over 60 US lawmakers urged stricter enforcement of Iran’s oil sanctions. In a letter addressed to Biden, House members from both parties called for “immediate action” to prevent the Iranian regime from obtaining “additional financial resources that it can use to continue supporting terrorism.”

Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have vowed to hold accountable “all” sides who had a part in the deadly Jordan incident.

Source » iranintl