The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has criticized the increase in executions in Iran which is at record levels amid ongoing crackdowns on dissent.

“The Australian government is deeply disturbed by Iran’s extensive and persistent use of the death penalty, including against ethnic minorities and protesters,” the department said in a statement on Thursday in response to inquiries from Iran International.

Emphasizing its opposition to the death penalty, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs urged Tehran to cease executions immediately.

A notable increase in executions has been observed in Iran, with the Islamic Republic carrying out 90 executions between December 22 and January 21. According to reports from UN experts, in 2023 alone, Iran executed a minimum of 834 individuals, eight of whom were reportedly associated with nationwide protests.

Additionally, Canberra reiterated its stance against Iran’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East and beyond, including its support for armed proxies.

“Australia remains concerned with Iran’s destabilizing behavior, including its support for armed proxies in the Middle East. We condemn the recent drone attack by Iran-backed militants on a US base in Jordan which killed three US troops and wounded dozens more. Australia also unreservedly condemns Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, which constitute a threat to navigational rights and freedoms, international commerce, and maritime security.”

Iran and its regional allies have escalated their activities against Israel and the US since October when war was sparked by Iran-backed Hamas’s invasion of Israel, killing 1,200 mostly civilians in a single day.

Over the past nearly four months, militias supported by Iran in Iraq and Syria have carried out more than 160 attacks on US facilities and personnel in the region.

Source » iranintl