The International Federation of Musicians, alongside three other music organizations, has issued a joint statement demanding the immediate release of Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi.

Salehi’s recent re-arrest has sparked condemnation from civil society organizations, denouncing the suppression of artistic expression in Iran.

Salehi, who was previously imprisoned for one year and 21 days, with 252 days spent in solitary confinement, was released on bail on November 18th. However, he was detained again just 12 days later after releasing a video detailing the torture he endured while in prison. In the video, Salehi accused prison authorities and government-affiliated media of misconduct.

“We would like to remind the Iranian Government and State about their international obligations of respecting international conventions, and we refer to a previous condemnation by UN Special Rapporteurs as well as UNESCO when Iran has violated artists rights to freedom of expression,” reads the statement shared by Salehi’s X account.

“Iran has an obligation to respect freedom of expression which includes that right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas, including through art and culture.”

Salehi, known for his protest rap songs and support for the Woman, Life, Freedom protests, was first arrested in November 2022 and has since become a global face of the dissident movement in Iran.

Source » iranintl