Iran has been worried since the United States designated the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization.

The designation will suspend illegal Iranian support to the Houthis. Iran offers this support with the aim of controlling Yemen and turning it into a new Iranian province.

Houthi violations

Iran and the Houthis committed their first violation of the American decision on January 27.

According to a report by a United Nations expert, some Iranian entities were involved in sending arms to the Houthis.

The expert said in his report that he had obtained proof that the same entities would send fighters and military supplies to the Houthis so that they can carry out further terrorist attacks against the Yemeni army and the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen, according to Reuters.

In early January, the Yemeni Interior Ministry said the Houthi militia possesses a missile system that was built by Iranian experts.

It said Houthi attacks increased just after the American designation of their militias as a terrorist organization.

The British ambassador in Yemen Michael Aron warned against this.

He said continued Houthi control of Sana’a would increase Iranian influence in Yemen.


The Houthis took a decision on January 29 to boycott American products, especially at the restaurants of Sana’a University.

University President al-Qassem al-Abbas, who was appointed by the Houthis, said he would prevent American goods from entering the university.

“This is the most eloquent reply from the Houthis to the US,” he said.

The strange thing still is that al-Abbas worked as the head of the authority that receives the foreign aid coming to Yemen. He received hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the US in his years as authority head.

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