The Tehran Revolutionary Court has handed down an eleven-month prison term to Negin Chaparian for an altercation with a religious vigilante who harassed her while walking her dog.

According to the recent verdict from Branch 29 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, Chaparian has been convicted of “spreading propaganda against the regime, provoking impurity and indecency, and outraging public decency.”

In August 2023, 34-year-old Chaparian, a Tehran resident, engaged in a dispute with a religious vigilante in a park who objected to her walking a dog, deeming it inappropriate by Islamic standards. Subsequently, she was arrested after sharing photos of the incident on social media. Chaparian spent three days in detention and was later released on bail.

This incident highlights a concerning violation of citizens’ privacy rights and freedom, as the Iranian regime encourages individuals to enforce the Islamic code in public as a religious duty.

Source » en-hrana