A group of Iranian-Canadians rallied on Sunday to call for a regime change in Iran, less a month after that country’s military shot down a passenger plane carrying dozens of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The protesters said there were a number of issues they wanted to address but above all they want to see the abolition of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the paramilitary group that protects the theocratic identity of the country.

Iran has been an Islamic republic since the 1979 revolution.

The roughly 30 protesters gathered downtown carrying signs denouncing oppression and injustice they say is a daily part of Iranian life. They said such protests are difficult in Iran as dissent can be punished by arrest and torture.

“One of the main reasons we protest right now is to ask for the whole world to pay attention to the atrocious behaviour of the Iranian government, jailing people who just want to express their opinion,” said organizer Homan Davoodi.

The group also called on the Canadian government to apply more pressure on the Iranian government to hand over Flight 752’s black box. All 176 people onboard that flight were killed in the incident.

Source » ctvnews