On Friday, Jan. 29, 2021, The Carlson Law Firm helped more than 800 veterans and their families file a lawsuit against Iran. The suit alleges that Iran sponsored terrorist acts that led to the killing or attempted killing of U.S. Armed Forces members and U.S. Government contractors.

According to the lawsuit, which is brought pursuant to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), Iran provided material support and resources to the enemy forces who planned and orchestrated terrorist attacks in Iraq.

The suit asks Iran to compensate victims of state-sponsored terrorism for the mental anguish, bereavement, grief, loss of society and comfort, as well as punitive damages to surviving family members of those killed in action and those living with their injuries.

Of the named plaintiffs:

– 122 are immediate family members of service members and contractors who were killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom;
– 368 were injured in Iraq as a direct result of the terrorist attacks; and
– 382 are immediate family members of former Armed Forces members and contracts injured in Iraq.

The Carlson Law Firm is a Veteran-owned and operated injury law firm dedicated to advocating for injured veterans throughout the U.S. in domestic and foreign acts. The firm filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia with co-counsel Matthew D. McGill of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, LLP in Washington D.C.

“These veterans and their families are living with an extraordinary amount of grief and some of them have injuries so severe that their lives have been completely changed forever,” Carlson Law Firm Managing Partner Craig Carlson said. “As a veteran, I take my oath seriously and will do everything I can to ensure that Americans serving abroad in any capacity do not become the target of state-sponsored terrorism. It’s important to me, personally, to stand up and continue standing up for my brothers and sisters in uniform.”

For more information and to find out if you or a veteran close to you is eligible to file a lawsuit against Iran, call 800-359-5690 to speak with a qualified member of our team.

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