Soheil Arabi was beaten and transferred to greater prison in Tehran

On Monday, January 29, political prisoner Soheil Arabi was transferred to the Greater Tehran Prison and was severely beaten.
According to an informed source, on January 28, Soheil Arabi was summoned and was then transferred to the quarantine in Evin Prison’s Section 1.
“He was then summoned again and told that he would be transferred to Rajaie Shahr Prison. But at noon, instead of being taken to Rajaie Shahr, he was taken to the Greater Tehran Prions,” the source said.

“When they reached the prison at 15:30, prison officials along with 10-12 soldiers tore off his clothes and severely beat him. The guards used batons and kicked him in his back, face and leg continuously with their boots. Soheil Arabi’s face, nose and feet were injured and his whole body was bruised,” the source added.

After the beatings, prison authorities kept Soheil Arabi without clothes in the prison courtyard to force him to give his consent to those that beat him.
“Don’t think that this is Evin Prison and you aunties house!” a prison official taunted him.
“This is the end of the world and hell! Don’t think that because you’re on hunger strike, your voice will be heard!” he told him.

Source » iran-hrm

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