As the UN and its Security Council’s permanent members have been calling for self-restraint, stop of military operations and return to negotiation table, Iran and its supported militias, the Houthis, appear to be incapable of doing just that.

Military leaders and experts from Hezbollah and Iran have been killed as backing the Houthis in fighting against the internationally-recognized government forces, the Yemeni information minister said Wednesday.

The Houthi group “persistently pushes its elements to death crematories and deludes their families that it makes big wins,” Moammar al-Eryani added in remarks carried by the Riyadh-based Saba.

The group has “presented only death, destruction, hunger, poverty and diseases to Yemenis, but also the deceived fighters in its ranks.

“The government forces, backed by the Arab coalition, have fought face-to-face battles with Iran’s mercenaries in Nihm, Sirwah, Jawf and Baydha frontlines where hundreds of them, including military leaders and experts from Hezbollah and Iran, have been killed.

“The battles are still blazing, with Houthis concealing their real losses,” the minister said, as the “fight with the Persian project and its mercenary Houthi militias is decisive and fateful, and the result is absolutely victory.

“Combating requirements prevent the revelation of any information or disclosure of military secrets whatever the pressures are by some activists who offer, knowingly or unknowingly, free services to Houthis.”

Jawf Governor Amin al Akimi has also rejected announcements by the Houthis that they control the governorates near the borders with Saudi Arabia.

He further stressed that the Houthi militias failed to approach even a single inch of the liberated lands despite a large scheme to take over the governorate.

He also said, “The men of Jawf and the Yemen military will be right here defending the land against the Houthis.”

Yemen has been suffering war for around six years so far between the national Yemeni army, supported by Saudi Arabia, and the terrorist Houthis with an Iranian support. The Houthis have been controlling a number of governorates, including Sanaa, since 2014.

War has resulted difficult human and health situations, as it left most of citizens in need for aids, in one of the worst human crises in the world, according to the UN.

Reports have said Houthi-led forces are believed to have carried out a ballistic missile attack against a military camp used by Saudi-backed forces in the Marib governate, reportedly hitting a weapons storage facility.

The Saudi-led coalition is believed to use the base to distribute arms supplies to the frontlines in Marib and Al-Jawf provinces, where the blood-thirsty Houthi-led forces are claimed to have made gains in recent days.

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