Reports from Iran indicate that the Iranian regime’s officials have harassed the family members of the crashed Ukrainian airliner. The regime’s officials have prevented families from attending the funeral of their loved ones in Canada.

The Ukrainian passenger Jet was downed by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) on January 3. The regime denied shooting down this airliner for three days despite footages showing a missile hitting the airplane.

The regime prevents families of victims from attending the funeral for their loved ones while the Canadian Immigration Department declared on January 11 that it would consider facilities for the victims of the tragedy to receive entry visas to the North American country.

In a related news, the regime’s officials threatened the husband of a woman killed in the Ukrainian airliner. Mohammad Javad Soleimani Meimandi said he had verbally attacked the representative of the regime’s Supreme Leader and the head of Friday prayers during his wife’s funeral in Zanjan, northwestern Iran, for their role in downing the airplane. He was threatened and summoned by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence for insulting regime officials. His wife Elnaz Nabiyi was a Ph.D. student in the Department of Accounting, Operations and Information Systems in the Alberta School of Business in Canada.

Meimanadi had previously exposed the regime’s bogus attempts to portray itself in solidarity with the victims. “During the funeral, I saw an IRGC commander and Khamenei’s representative in the IRGC standing next to us as if they were the main mourners,” he said.

Reports and videos from Iran indicate the regime forced many families to hold government-organized funerals to prevent anti-government protests and to show that the families did not blame the regime for the death of their loved ones.

Source » iranbriefing