Retired Army Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg joined Trey Gowdy’s “Sunday Night in America” to discuss the ongoing threats the United States faces from overseas.

Gowdy opened his latest show with an overview of foreign threats from Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine, China’s potential invasion of Taiwan, and the removal of some sanctions against Iran opening the doors for nuclear weapons. Gowdy said our leaders are sending “mixed signals” to the world on where we stand on these issues.

“Despite the threats from these countries on the world stage, there are mixed signals being sent by politicians and pundits in this country. Some conservative politicians and media personalities have openly questioned why the U.S. would back Ukraine in a conflict with Russia while Nancy Pelosi’s advice to Olympic athletes in Beijing even thinking about speaking out against that country and its policies is to shut up and skate,” Gowdy said.

Kellogg was equally pessimistic, admitting that he thinks this could lead to a nuclear break-out in Iran.

“Yep, they are on the way. I think you’re going to see a nuclear break out, and what I mean by a breakout they’re going to have enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear weapon even within the year. They’re currently producing enrichment about 60 to 70%, 90% weapons grade. They admit doing it, and there’s no way we will stop it. It is a fool’s errand to try and get them back to the Iran nuclear deal,” Kellogg said.

He emphasized, “We ought to be thinking right now about what we’re going to do when they do have a breakout because it’s going to destabilize the Middle East.”

Regarding the Russian threat against Ukraine, Kellogg commented how Russian President Vladimir Putin “played it masterfully” regarding his strategy on Ukraine and NATO.

“He’s kind of set himself up to do what he wants to do. I’m hoping there is still an ability for some type of a diplomatic way out of it, but if you want to know the truth, I don’t see how he backs down. His biggest issue was he does not want Ukraine to be a part of the NATO. We could have handled that a year or two years ago, and we should have been able to do it” Kellogg said.

He was also disappointed in the current administration’s efforts to solve things diplomatically.

“The other issue that bothers me is that President Biden has not been involved that much. President Trump would pick up the phone and call anybody at any time,” Kellogg explained.

He concluded, “This is not being done. You have Macron talking with Tony Blinken today. Macron should be talking with President Biden, and he’s not doing that. So, I think we have a real problem diplomatically, and I think he’s set to go. If I was a betting guy, I would say in all probability, he’s going to go in the near-term.”

Source » foxnews