The wife of President Ebrahim Raisi says, “all the controversy in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini was nothing but intimidation by the United States.”

In an exclusive interview with Russia Today, Jamileh Alamolhoda blamed the US for the protests that have swept the country for almost five months, saying that “Washington is trying to show a false image of Iran and Russia in the world and instill fear.”

“What you describe as a tragedy that had a wide repercussion in the world is nothing but a new version of the intimidating narrative that US uses against Iran,” she claimed.

She went on to say that “Washington wants to tell us I can bring the terrorists to your streets and set cars on fire. It wants us to surrender and as a result present a distorted picture of Iran to the world.”

Iranian officials label protesters as “rioters” and in some cases as “terrorists.”

She also added that Russia is having a similar experience with the US as “Washington tries to present a distorted image of Russia to the whole world.”

They want to make our neighbors and the international community afraid so that they can sell more arms, she alleged.

Jamileh-Sadat Alamolhoda is the daughter of hardliner Friday prayer Imam of the religious city of Mashhad, Ahmad Alamolhoda.

Her comments come as the Iranian regime has been intimidating the protesters by using force, live rounds and executing detainees.

Over 500 people have been killed by the clerical rulers so far.

Source » iranintl