Iran’s culture centre Khana-i-Farhang launched a three-day eventhere on Tuesday to mark the 44th anniversary ofthe Iranian Islamic Revolution.

The centre’s director-general, Meran Eskindarian, and Iran’s consul general in Peshawar Ali Banafshekhwa jointly inaugurated the event, where members of literati, students, teachers and civil society activists showed up in large numbers.

Assistant commissioner Syeda Zainnab Naqvi and culture director Ajmal Khan were also in attendance.

The opening ceremony included the screening of a documentary, holding of a handicraft exhibition and a book fair, and display of photos of Iran’s tourist attractions. The visitors took keen interest in Iranian culture and way of life.

The speakers shed light on different aspects of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

The guests and visitors were shown a documentary on the Islamic Revolution. They appreciated the event, which will be open to visitors today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday).

Source » dawn