Iran has opened a factory for manufacturing air defence missiles, as well as a plant for producing hybrid solid fuel used in various missiles in ground warfare.

Major general Hossein Baqeri, chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said at the opening ceremony on Saturday for the missile factory that the shoulder-fired missile plant is “one of the most unique plants in the region producing short-range air defence missiles”, Xinhua news agency reported. The new projectiles are manufactured with sophisticated and modern laser and optical technologies for navigation and control, Baqeri said, adding that they can be employed by troops in various tactical conditions.

Iran is a manufacturer of various advanced shoulder-fired missiles with ranges at low and medium altitudes, which are capable of hitting different types of approaching and receding targets with different velocities, he was quoted as saying.

At another ceremony to open a hybrid solid propellant factory supplying fuel for missiles, Baqeri said that it was necessary to extend the range and speed of missiles fired in the ground combats.

The new solid fuel will boost the power of tactical ground-to-ground, anti-tank and air defence missiles, he added.

Source » dtnext