Regime change is coming to Iran

The leaders in the Iranian Regime are becomingly increasingly concerned over Donald Trump’s push to amend or cancel the 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

At the same time, the Regime is being forced to confront their legitimate anger of their people who are taking to the streets in a nationwide uprising and calling for regime change.

Trump has even increased the pressure by supporting the protesters, when he said that “America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom”.

This places the Iranian Regime at an impasse yet, according to political analysts and Iranian dissident Shahriar Kia, and as such, the Regime leaders are taking both threats to their rule very seriously.

So, what is the Regime going to do next?

Well, Kia points out that the Iranian Regime may wish to stop meddling in the Middle East through the support of terrorism or destabilisation campaigns, as that will only backfire against the mullahs.

He explained that Iran’s decision to supply the Yemen-based Houthis terror group with missiles to fire at Saudi Arabia (and perhaps even order the attack) has caused the international community to grow more suspicious of the Regime’s missile ambitions and regional meddling and has even united the US and Europe against Iran.

Europe is even increasing the pressure on Iran in meetings at the EU and proposed meetings between individual countries and Iran over human rights, the ballistic missile programme, and terrorism.

Kia wrote: “Without a doubt, the international community should place negotiations over human rights and save the lives of protesters detained during the recent uprising, along with all political prisoners, as a top priority. The shameful neglect of Iran’s human rights violations, aiming to obtain a new agreement with Tehran, should not be repeated.”

How would the Regime deal with the US withdrawing from the JCPOA?

The warring factions in the Regime also have different ideas about how to tackle Trump’s proposed withdrawal from the JCPOA. Those in Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s faction advocate relying on an “internally-dependent economy”, while those close to President Hassan Rouhani want to drive a wedge between Europe and the US and expand its economic ties with European and East Asian countries.

Kia wrote, given Iran’s instability and the close ties between the US and Europe, the second position is unattainable.

Kia wrote: “Only two options lay before Tehran. Either succumb to major setbacks in relation to its ballistic missile program, refrain from meddling across the region and begin respecting human rights, or brace for crippling sanctions. Considering increasing Iran’s domestic crises, both options will eventually result in regime change.”

Source » ncr-iran

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