A Tehran Police official on Friday said indecently dressed mannequins that weaken “the culture of modesty and hijab” and “promote immorality” will be removed by the police from shop windows.

Colonel Nader Moradi, Deputy Commander of the Greater Tehran Police for Supervision of Commercial Venues, said the Police will implement its program to “regulate clothing retailers” in Tehran from Saturday. Implementation of the program will continue until the Iranian New Year holidays which start on March 21, the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) quoted him as saying.

Women’s clothing in Tehran’s many shops and shopping centers is often displayed on headless dummies with bare legs, arms and even shoulders. Women cannot appear in public wearing the same attire.

The Police Colonel said the rules and regulations have already been explained to clothing retailers and to implement the program officers in charge of supervision of public venues will continuously visit retail shops, remove the mannequins and shut down the shops that have infringed.

The police official also warned online clothing retailers that display their products in an un-Islamic fashion.

Along with stopping “improperly dressed” women, and sometimes men, on the streets, warning them or even detaining them, Iran’s morality police often crackdown on shops selling western outfits deemed “un-Islamic”.

Raids and crackdowns have been relatively rare since the summer of 2016 when Morality Police launched an extensive crackdown on clothing and hairdos.

Source » radiofarda