Iran is enriching Uranium to a higher level, keeps developing centrifuges for high enrichment and stockpiling enriched uranium to shorten the time period needed to produce weapon grade uranium, all of these only because the US left the JCPOA and allegedly without really wanting to produce an atom bomb.

One might argue that Iran never wanted to go nuclear, were it not for what IAEA calls possible military dimensions, in short, PMD. It is not clear what they mean by possible. The only question about the military dimensions was “when”, not if or what. In the late nineties Iran ran a full-scale nuclear weapons program, and the only thing that stopped them was that the US was “visiting” neighboring Iraq and the understanding that the price to pay is high and imminent. Ever since, that, and only that, has proven effective when it comes to stopping Iran on its way to a nuclear weapon. The rest is excuses and empty talk, explaining to the world that the only reason they might reach a nuclear weapon is that they are forced to. Really?

Iran might find herself testing a nuclear device without even planning to having a nuclear program. This is very dangerous, as Iran might, just out of spite, put such a weapon on a long range missile, because South Korea is not willing to unfreeze their assets, and eventually bomb Saudi Arabia’s oil wells just because they won’t leave the Huthis alone. One should not mess with nuclear Iran, as they don’t know what they’re doing, once you get them angry.