The Egyptian security delegation that visited the Gaza Strip on Monday warned Hamas to avoid escalating the military conflict with Israel and to stop supporting Iran, according to Al-Arabiya.
During the meeting, the Egyptians told Hamas to avoid supporting any militias that harm the region and expressed reservations about the relationship between Hamas, Iran and the Hezbollah terrorist group. Hamas was also warned against becoming involved with Iran in any military escalation.

Talal Abu Zarifa, a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, stated that the Egyptian security delegation met with Hamas and other factions in the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Sawa news agency.

The delegation discussed strengthening Palestinian-Egyptian relations, increasing the volume of imports into Gaza through the Rafah crossing with Egypt, the “Deal of the Century” peace plan and efforts required for the reconciliation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

According to Abu Zarifa, the delegation did not transfer any threatening messages from Israel.
The delegation left the Strip on Monday evening and headed to Israel to discuss stopping the recent military escalation with Gaza, according to Al-Arabiya. The Egyptians called on Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and to stop targeting the Strip.

According to Al-Arabiya, the delegation told Israel that they are working on a long-term armistice, but asked Israel to abide by the current ceasefire without any preconditions.
Hamas leaders are expected to visit Cairo in the coming weeks.

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