Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that his country had achieved $30 billion in non-oil revenues over the past year, RT reported yesterday.

During a speech to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Rouhani said: “If the Iranian people did not stand against the oppressor in the White House, if the elected government did not run the country the right way and if we ignored the nuclear deal after it was abandoned by the US, Trump would have achieved his goals.”

He explained: “If we withdrew from the nuclear deal, all sanctions against us would have been reinstated. Allah who really removed Trump, but in appearance, the Americans removed him.”

Rouhani said that Trump faced three main failures during his tenure, including the US’ “unprecedent” isolation at the UN.

Iranian President said that his country had been facing an economic war for three years, “but we recorded victories against US pressure.”

He pointed out that his country had achieved the highest rate of economic development before the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal. “This angered the Zionist entity as well as the reactionist states,” he explained.

Meanwhile, he revealed that his country achieved $30 billion of non-oil revenues. “We will achieve unique projects before the term of the current elected government ends next summer,” he stressed.

Iran, he continued, would abide by the nuclear deal if the US and the five other signatories to the pact follow through with their responsibilities under the accord.

Source » middleeastmonitor