Israel will soon disappear from the Middle East, a brigadier general in the public relations sector of Iran’s army said on Tuesday. He was speaking to armed forces veterans in Zarandieh in Iran.

Commemorating fighters from various units and the Basij on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution he spoke with passion about how Iran’s “resistance” was confronting the US and Israel.
He discussed the missile attack by Iran on Ayn al-Assad base in Iraq, where up to 100 US soldiers have now suffered from traumatic brain injuries. He said it represented that abilities of Iran to defeat enemies.

He reminded those present of the “resistance forces, including Hezbollah, Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq, Hamas and others.” In his estimation the “Zionist regime” will soon “disappear.”
Other spokesmen for the armed forces said that “today we are in a state of war with the enemy, and we must have smart choices for those running the parliament and send people to parliament who are willing to be martyrs.” Elections are on February 21.

The rhetoric against Israel is nothing new from Iran but the list of “resistance” factions is part of Iran’s worldview that sees Hezbollah, Shi’ite militias in Iraq and Palestinian groups like Hamas s increasingly all part of the same force.

In this view, Iran is the great leader of a mass of fighters across the regional all arrayed against the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and some other states. Iran’s rhetoric seeks to instill in a new generation this imperial impulse to dominate the Middle East via these factions and see them all as not only allies but directed from Tehran.

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