A hotel and two traditional restaurants in Tehran were sealed off by the State Security Force because their costumers had engaged in mixed dancing and celebrations. Some of the managers, clerks and singers of these restaurants and hotel are now behind bars for allowing their customers to hold a mixed-gender party.

The semi-official ROKNA news agency reported that a number Tehran residents including the managers, clerks and singers working in these places were detained and turned in to the Judicial authorities to go through their legal procedures.

The report claimed that people reported mixed dancing and celebration of men and women in these places to the Moral Security Crimes Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor has charged the managers with preparing an environment for men and women to mix, creating an “atmosphere against moral and religious principles.”

On Saturday, February 8, 2020 another eatery in Tehran’s Nejatollahi Avenue was also sealed off and two of its managers arrested. It is speculated that it was Shabestan restaurant which was sealed.

The sealed-off restaurants, Divan, Ferdowsi, and Shabestan, are among the best-known eateries in the Tehran.

Iran’s security forces invade people’s privacy by raiding such parties.

Source » iran-hrm