Progetto Dreyfus, an Italian-speaking Middle East watchdog, has condemned Iran in protest for their lack of democracy within the government and free speech for the public within Iranian society, following the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Progetto Dreyfus is a “non-profit association that fights against antisemitism, fundamentalism and any kind of discrimination” and as noted, has recently set its sights on Iran.
The watchdog has focused on Iran’s hostile politics, human rights violations and archaic ideals, claiming that Iran is the “single most aggressive country in international politics” and that normal would-be-allies of the Arab state seek alliances with Israel instead of Iran in order to protect themselves against the ideology of the religious leaders of the Iranian regime.

As a government with a Shia Islam being the designated religion of the country, Iran has faced many occasions where they cause rifts with their Sunni neighbors, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia due to their “aggressive politics.”

“Modern democracies respect human rights. Iran does not!” Progetto Dreyfus explained in a tweet on February 7th.

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