Iran supports the implementation of the Crossroads of Peace concept proposed by the Government of Armenia, the Embassy of Iran said in response to a query from Armenpress on Tehran’s stance regarding the project.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the implementation of the Crossroads of Peace concept because we are in favor of the expansion of connections within the region. We consider the countries’ right to sovereignty to be the main precondition for any project on unblocking of routes. We welcome the project which is conducive to the creation of the opportunity for Armenia’s role in the region’s system of dynamic economic ties. On the other hand, we believe that the strengthening of Armenia’s North-South connection direction is of great importance because through activating the Persian Gulf-Black Sea strategic transit corridor it efficiently ensures Armenia’s development and role in establishing connection between the two important continents and major economies. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced the readiness of Iranian companies to participate in the development of this axis. Our view is that this historical route must be maximally strengthened. The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes any project and initiative which can strengthen the strategic importance of Armenia’s North-South road. The Crossroads of Peace project, given the facilitation of the East-West connection, creates new opportunities for the development of the region and can become the guarantee for peace, security and prosperity for the region’s population. Certainly, one of the requirements for establishing sustainable peace in the region is the development of connections between neighbors,” the Embassy of Iran said.

Source » armenpress