Iran has warned the United States its military bases are “within range” of an attack if it refuses to remove troops from Syria.

Russia also backed Iran’s calls for Donald Trump to pull the country’s forces out of Syria, after the US President said he planned to do so as the Islamic State militant group had been “defeated”. Iran’s deputy defence minister Reza Talai-Nik made the stark threat to Trump as the country grows impatient with the US’ continued presence in its ally Syria. According to the semi-official Tasnim News Agency, Mr Talai-Nik said: “All US bases there in Syria are within the range of our cross-border weapons, and if these fail, we’ll strike them from within Iran.”

And 24 hours later, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters Trump must deliver on his promise.

The state-run Tass Russian News Agency reported Mr Ryabkov as saying: “We insist that the United States should fulfil its pledge and fully withdraw from Syria.”

US troops have been inside Syria since 2015 aiding the fight against ISIS.

On December 19, Trump confirmed he was withdrawing all American soldiers from the country and they would leave Syria within 30 days.

At the time, Trump said: “We have won against ISIS.

“Our boys, they’re all coming back and they’re coming back now.”

However shortly after the announcement was made the pullout deadline was extended by several months.

Last week, Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, ordered to the US to move its troops on.

He said: “Whether they want to or not, the Americans must leave Syria.

“Not 90 percent of Syrian soil is under the control of the government and the rest will soon be freed by the Syrian army.”

There are currently around 2,000 American troops in Syria, including special forces and training personnel.

Iranian forces are also active in Syria, where they are supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

British and French special forces are also active in the country.

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