The consequences of the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane over Iran last year are still there.

This comes in the wake of a recording aired recently by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that presents new realities about the attack on the Ukrainian plane. These realities are of course totally different from those declared by Iran about the event.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says in the recording that the attack on the plane might have been intentional.

The same man speaking in the recording does not rule out the possibility that two or three infiltrators might have participated in the attack.

Canadian authorities, CBC said, are reviewing the recording at present.

Iranian silence

Iran will most likely hide the truths mentioned in the recording, some sources said.

A source says Iranian authorities will most likely gloss over any realities on the downing of the plane because an investigation into the event would open all gates of hell on the Iranian military establishment.

“This will not serve the best interests of the Iranian nation,” the source said.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corpse downed the plan over Tehran on 8 Jan. 2020, using two ground-to-air missiles. The attack left all 176 plane passengers and crew members dead. They were mostly Iranian and Canadian nationals.

Iran said initially that it was not involved in the attack. It even denied reports that the plane was attacked, claiming that the tragedy was caused by a technical failure in the engine of the plane.

However, Tehran had to backpedal after satellite images showed smokes pillowing from the plane before it fell down.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani conceded then that the Iranian army had shot down the plane.

Source » theportal-center