Iranian leaders are repeating their history of poor governance like they are still living in the 14th Century, said Lt General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, in a plenary session at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Tuesday.

Despite the spread of Islamic civilisation that brought peace to Iran, Iranian leaders were repeating history, said Shaikh Saif.

“Persians were occupying Iraq [Mesopotamia] and were present in Yemen and they were neglecting in performing their responsibilities because of many wars and oppressed nations and other reasons. Islam brought peace to them but today, unfortunately, we see the Iranian government repeating history like they are living in 1400,” said Shaikh Saif during a session ‘A Journey of Wisdom’.

He said Iranian people deserve to live a decent and modern life like other nations in the world.

“Is there a wisdom that the Iranian government are still living in the illusions of Kisra [the last Persian king before the Islam’s conquest of Persia in the seventh century]? Iranian people deserve to live a decent life like other countries.”

Shaikh Saif added that he who is wise is one who balances strength and tolerance, and the Islamic civilisation that spread from Andalusia to the borders of China is the best path.

“The wisdom of the late Shaikh Zayed was in balancing strength and tolerance. His legacy in wisdom has been transferred to the current leaders that helped to make UAE a centre of global tolerance.

“History proved that he who works with positivity will be immortal in history. The late Shaikh Zayed, gathered wisdom, justice and thinking to make the UAE a centre of tolerance and wisdom. The UAE will always deliver wise leaders that will be immortal in history,” Shaikh Saif added.

He said that since 2007, the UAE has launched many social initiatives around the world and the UAE has ranked number one in 50 global indicators thanks to the wise vision of its leaders.

“The late Shaikh Rashid established Port Rashid with a view to the future, and Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid has developed this vision and established DP World that now has 80 ports around the world. The sun never sets on these ports, thanks to the wise vision of our leadership.”

He pointed to the Emirati journey of wisdom and its long history, which has most recently helped solve regional conflict.

“In 2018, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed brought peace between two countries that were having a conflict for 20 years. Ethiopia and Eretria today are like brothers in their relationship. Many challenges we passed with wisdom.”

Source » gulfnews