A part of the recorded conversation of Mohammad Reza Farzin, the head of the central bank, with Dr. Mohammad Mokhbar, the first vice president, came to us, which we share here with the nation.

Unfortunately, Farzin’s words highlight the bankrupt management of the Islamic Republic and the president’s government: the budget deficit and the bankruptcy of the organs, the prioritization of banks over retirees, making this group even poorer and the unquestioning subservience of Farzin to the president’s government.

The moment that in a civilized economic system, the head of the central bank should be the solution to economic challenges, it is painful for this scarecrow to be subservient to Mohammad Mokhbar. Unfortunately, sacrificing the country’s economy and making the nation poorer as much as possible against the interests of the regime is not a new thing.

There is no need to explain that recording the voice of the regime’s senior agents requires a lot of courage.

Many thanks to the compatriot who bought such selflessness with his heart and soul

Therefore, it was recommended that ” #محمدرضا_فرزین “, the new director general of the “Central Bank”, who spent most of his career in “sanctioned financial institutions”, should be severely #تحریم .

The authors claimed that the head of the “Central Bank” of Iran, who is appointed by the president, has less independence than his counterparts in other countries, but he can influence #سیاست‌های_پولی .

 “Farzin” has recently injected significant amounts of #ارز into the #Iranian #اقتصاد in order to strengthen the parity rate of #ریال in “complex and disorderly foreign currency markets”.

 “Gasminejad” and “Ben Taliblou” recalling the work records of “Farzin”, pointed out that he was the head of ” #بانک_ملی ” for a period, which was under sanctions related to ” #منع_اشاعه‌ی_تسلیحات_هسته‌ای “.

 “Farzin” also has a history of being the head of ” #بانک_کارآفرین “, which is considered among the business structures under sanctions.

Then it was noted that in October 2020, the #آمریکا regime sanctioned many #Iranian banks, which are among the key sectors of Iran #ایران economy, by issuing a “broad #فرمان_اجرایی “.

“Farzin” was previously the head of Iran’s “National Development Fund” and this fund was sanctioned by the US Treasury Department in September 2020.

Citing the US Treasury Department report, the authors claimed that the Central Bank facilitated the transfer of huge sums of money to #سپاه , the #نیروی_قدس Force, and the Ministry of #وزارت_دفاع , all of which are under sanctions by the Washington regime.

 In 2018 and before the general boycott of the “Central Bank” in 2020, the White House sanctioned ” #ولی‌الله_سیف “, the head of this bank at the time. But America did not sanction ” #عبدالناصر_همتی ” the successor of “Saif”. While Hemmati had also worked in the sanctioned organizations “supporting terrorism”!

Qaseminjad and his colleague recommended that the Biden administration correct its mistake (not sanctioning #همتی ) by sanctioning Mohammad Reza Farzin.

Then they ordered that Washington can sanction “Farzin” as well as ” #سیف ” by referring to “Executive Order 13224” according to which “terrorist financiers” are subject to sanctions.

Also, according to “Executive Decree 13876”, all people and institutions related to #رهبر_انقلاب are also subject to sanctions.

According to “FDD” employees, “Farzin” issued a danger warning to “Central Bank” during his short tenure! During his recent visit to #قطر , he emphasized the importance of “strengthening monetary and banking relations between Tehran and Doha”; While the central banks of these two countries are also accused of #تروریسم supporting #کاخ‌سفید ” according to the White House!

This #لابی_صهیونیستی claimed that by sanctioning “Farzin”, the Biden government will send the message that Iran cannot hide the role of this bank in “financing terrorism” by changing the managers of the “Central Bank”!

“FDD” added in the end that by sanctioning the current head of the “Central Bank” of Iran, the US regime is also scaring the future managers of this bank that as long as Iran is a “state sponsor of terrorism” and the “Central Bank” remains under that accusation, Washington “Hard restrictive measures” will apply to these managers!

#اختصاصی , #تحریم_پشت_تحریم