Iranian lawyer Mahdokht Damghanpor, who had been critical of the judiciary and pointed out flaws in the case presented against executed protester Mohammad Qobadlou, has been summoned before a court for questioning.

Amir Raesian, another lawyer for Mohammad Qobadlou, said Damghanpor was summoned to the Media Court, where on February 12 he presented relevant documents it had requested.

“We invited the judiciary to a ‘debate in the media,’ but the judiciary preferred a ‘trial in the Media Court,'” Raeisian said in a social media post.

The Islamic republic’s judiciary has not commented on the matter.

Damghanpor has highlighted numerous issues in her client’s case, saying in one media interview that “law and Shari’a were slaughtered in Qobadlou’s execution.”

Raeisian has repeatedly called the execution illegal, stating that it was carried out while a retrial petition was still in front of the Supreme Court.

Qobadlou, 23, was arrested during the protests that broke out after the death of Mahsa Amini while in the custody of Tehran’s morality police for an alleged head-scarf violation. He was charged with murder after being accused of running over police officers, killing one and injuring five.

Mohammad Qobadlou’s mother and his lawyers stated that he suffered from bipolar disorder and that confessions were obtained from him at a time when he had no access to his medication.

Qobadlou was at least the ninth person to be executed in connection with the 2022 protests.

His execution sparked outrage and condemnation both within Iran and internationally. Several human rights groups, including the Norway-based Iran Human Rights, have noted multiple flaws in the case.

Source » rferl