US Vice President Mike Pence accused Washington’s European allies of trying to break US sanctions against Tehran and called on them to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, during the Warsaw ministerial conference on Thursday.

“Sadly, some of our leading European partners have not been nearly as cooperative. In fact, they have led the effort to create mechanisms to break up our sanctions,” Pence said.
The US withdrew from the international accord last May. The other signatories, Iran, the European Union, Germany, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and China, remain in the deal.

Pence accused the EU of setting up a scheme with Iran “to break American sanctions against Iran’s murderous revolutionary regime.”

“It is an ill-advised step that will only strengthen Iran, weaken the EU and create still more distance between Europe and the United States,” he said.

The Warsaw meeting was attended by more than 60 nations, but major European powers Germany and France, who are members of the 2015 nuclear accord, refused to send their top diplomats.

During his speech, Pence also invoked biblical visions for peace in the Middle East.

“On the foundation of that Abrahamic tradition we can find a firm foundation for all the people of the Middle East,” said Pence.

“I think we would do well to look to a promise that was made to that man I referred to who made that journey so many centuries ago.”

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