Saudi Arabia’s envoy to the US said Thursday that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s “boast” about Iran’s former territories in the south of the Arabian Gulf only betrays the regime’s hegemonic ambitions.

“Rouhani’s dangerous & expansionist rhetoric is a reminder that this regime has not moderated, and represents the biggest threat to stability in our region,” Prince Khalid bin Salman posted on Twitter.

He referred to the Iranian leader’s speech during Iran’s 40th anniversary celebration on Feb. 11 when he said, “100 years ago, a large part from southern Iran, which today is a few countries in the south of the Gulf, was separated from Iran.”

Prince Khalid said there’s nothing really to celebrate about Iran’s revolution and the mullah regime ought to stop exporting it.

”40 years ago, the Ayatollah (Ruhollah Khomenei“ landed in Iran and ushered in a reign of terror and destruction,” he said.

“In Iran, living standards declined, infrastructure stalled, and development froze. The regime continues to waste its peoples’ money on deadly adventures abroad,” he added.

“In KSA, the leadership focused on human development rather than funding terrorism, which is why since 1979, KSA GDP per capita increased tenfold, while Iran’s has fallen by more than half. In ’79, the two economies were the same size, today, KSA’s GDP is double that of Iran’s,” he said.

Saudi Arabia and its allies have accused Iran of destabilizing its neighbors by supporting dissidents in Gulf states and proxy armies such as the Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthi militia in Yemen, and Al-Hashd in Iraq.

The United Nations had earlier confirmed Iran’s role in supplying missiles to Yemen’s Houthi militia, some of which have been fired at targets in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has also accused Tehran of harboring international terrorists such as members of the Al-Qaeda.

“Sadly, it appears that it will continue to waste the Iranian nation’s wealth on funding terrorism and radical militias.” Prince Khalid said.

Source » arabnews