Calls for mass protests on February 20 is gaining momentum outside Iran with several key figures are asking compatriots to stage anti-regime protests.

Alireza Akhundi and Darya Safai, two representatives of Iranian origin in the parliaments of Sweden and Belgium called on Iranians to gather in front of the European Council building in Brussels Monday and support the inclusion of the IRGC in the list of terrorist organizations in the European Union.

Activists Masih Alinejad and Hamed Esmaeilion also welcomed the call saying that they will participate in the February 20 gathering of Iranians in Brussels to support the designation of the IRGC as a terrorist in the European Union.

Meanwhile, people inside Iran chanted anti-government slogans in Karaj, west of Tehran, and different neighborhoods of capital Tehran, as in previous months.

They also distributed flyers to invite people to participate in a protest rally on Thursday.

Thursday marks the 40th day after the execution of Mohammad Hosseini and Mohammad Mehdi Karami.

The two young men, who were arrested during the protests in Karaj, were executed without having access to fair trial and lawyers.

Street protests, gatherings, overnight slogans, writing graffiti and other forms of civil disobedience are still going on inside and outside the country, five months into the uprising against the clerical rulers.

Source » iranintl