In a brutal crackdown on ward 1 of Khoramabad (Eastern Iran) Central Prison on Monday February 6, prison guards kept prisoners outside their cells in open air from 7 in the morning despite extreme cold.

According to reports from inside the prison, the prisoners, most of whom without enough clothes or wearing worn-out ones with some being old and sick, were forced to stay in an extreme cold weather for two and a half hours.

Prison’s head of security and intelligence, commander of prison guards, and chief inspectorate along with 40 prison guards took part in the attack, during which they disarranged or seized inmates’ belongings, including their watches, rings and crafts. The prisoners’ belongings were so messed up afterwards that they couldn’t recognize their own.

It should be pointed out that the head of prison security and intelligence ‘Fereidoon Moradi’ as well as commander of prison guards ‘Saifollah Rahpeimoodeh’ are two of the prison’s torturers who torture the defenseless prisoners to death.

On the other hand, prison’s heating facilities are not working despite a freezing cold season, leaving prisoners shaking from the cold. When the guards are asked about the reason the heating facilities are not working, they respond that the prison has not enough money to buy gasoline with which to turn on the heating system.

It’s now 15 days since the prison’s heating system has stopped working due to lack of gasoline. Meanwhile, there’s no hot water, either, so the prisoners can shower with.

It is noteworthy that on February 8, in another prison in northern city of Ardebil, chained a Baluchi prisoner called Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi, in prison yard for 14 hours in a freezing cold weather.

Source: / ncr-iran /