The Saudi Foreign Minister visited his Turkish Counterpart in Ankara. Meanwhile, the Turkish Minister of Defense traveled to Saudi Arabia. The two regional powers have the similar stance regarding the interference of the Iranian regime in the region.”

Al-Arabiya TV interview with the deputy editor of Al-Riyadh Newspaper of Saudi Arabia, February 11th 2017

The Deputy Editor of Al-Riyadh Newspaper:

“We know that the interference of the Iranian regime in the region is detrimental and disastrous. Anywhere the Iranian regime is present, the calamity breaks out. I think the alliance between Turkey and Saudi Arabia as the two major regional powers would benefit all since they have great facilities to stand against the Iranian region and bring the stability to the region.”

Hani Wafa added: “I think it would to the benefit of the region. Turkey is a powerful country in the region and it is also a member of NATO. In addition to that, Saudi Arabia has its influential position in the Islamic and Arab world and it can arrange the essential preliminaries.
Therefore, Turkey and Saudi Arabia could be successful to stop the Iranian regime and its meddling in the region.”

Source: / ncr-iran /